South America

On Erasmus in Ireland I met a girl from Britanny who went to Ushuaia in Argentina for an internship. She invited me to visit her. I didn’t make it all the way down there, but instead travelled South America for six weeks.

The route (9.184 kilometres)
Buenos Aires – Puerto Pyramides (Whales) – Bariloche (Skiing) – Uspallata (Aconcagua, Puente del Inca) – Mendoza – San Juan – Valle Fertil (Valle de la Luna) – Salta – Tilcara (Grand Salinas) – La Quiaca (leaving Argentina) – Villazon – Puno (already Peru, Floating Islands) – Cusco – Agua Calientes – Machu Picchu – Cusco – La Paz (Bolivia) – Santa Cruz – Asunción (Paraguay) – Concepción – Belen – Ciudad del Este – Itaipu Dam – Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) – Iguaçu cataracts in Brasil – Iguazú cataracts in Argentina – Buenos Aires

The map (click to open)

The stories
Week 1 in Argentina: Stealing, Skiing and some Sharades
Week 2 in Argentina: Lotion, Wine and a Climax
Week 2 in Argentina: How two Spaniards took me to the Moon
Week 3 in Argentina: Airy Rides and Smelly Dogs
Week 3 in Argentina: Salt and Koka
Imagine a bus in Bolivia
Week 3: Bumpy Roads and Floating Islands
Week 3: Cusco – Capital of the Tourists
Week 4: 10 lessons I learned at the Machu Picchu
Week 4: Making miles
Week 5: A magical night
Week 5: On the slow road
Foreign Haircut
Week 5: A river, a boat and thousand stories
Week 6: Three countries, a dam and the most amazing waterfalls
Week 6: Another chance for Buenos Aires
Week 6: Tango with Evita

Argentina Bolivia and Peru